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Wild weather hits Buenos Aires

As dark as night but just after midday in the Argentine capital on Friday (August 12).

Ominous clouds suffocated the city after buckets of rain and hail dropped earlier in the morning.

The gloomy haze dropped over Buenos Aires and lifted several times during the afternoon, at times letting in the sun before closing in again over the city.

Golf-ball size hail pelted down on cars and pedestrians - even the stadium of the famous Boca Juniors soccer team did not escape the downpour.

The United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon warned last month that climate change is generating an “unholy brew“ of extreme weather events, the worse of which are threatening global security.

While this bad weather in the Argentine capital is nothing compared to climate events like the East Africa drought or the floods that hit Pakistan last year, experts warn more extreme weather of both kinds should be expected in the years to come.


// published on Aug 16, 2011


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