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    Playa Del Carmen or Rio De Janeiro for Spring Break - I want to take my family to either Playa Del Carmen Mexico or Rio Brazil, my wife wants to go to Mexico but I would like to go to Rio, any suggestions. more

    posted by Edward on Jan 13, 2012 ▪ tweet now!share on facebook!
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    Bad Dancers? - There aren't any BAD Dancers!Often times, I listen to people make comments such as, "he has no rhythm .... or she can't follow". Sometimes the comments are even more harmful, "what do they think they're trying to do - that looks simply awful", or "he can't dance at all, he's just bopping - maybe he should take some lessons"!Have you ever thought this?... more

    posted by shaief on Jan 10, 2012 ▪ tweet now!share on facebook!
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    Dancing- A Fun Exercise & Hobby - It can go without saying how much good of a hobby is dancing. There was a time when exercising was limited only to hardcore machines, boring forms of moving your hands up in the air and jumping around like a monkey! Whoever says that exercising ain't fun, they surely haven't tried dancing yet. In this article, we will... more

    posted by rashed on Dec 07, 2011 ▪ tweet now!share on facebook!

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