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    The Costs Associated With A Divorce - One of the most frequent questions we are asked is: how much does a divorce cost? There is no simple answer to this question. There are the court fees, first of all. These are fees that are payable directly to the court and the amount is very dependent on the path the case takes. In a simple uncontested... more

    posted by rashed on Dec 19, 2011 ▪ tweet now!share on facebook!
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    Ron Paul 2012 - For all the Romnet and Gingirch lovers, Ron Paull is the clear constitutional conservative choice. He just needs to change up his foreign policies a bit. more

    posted by Lincoln on Dec 10, 2011 ▪ tweet now!share on facebook!
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    Republican Debate - Anybody watching the debate tonight, I think Ron Paul has a chance. If he doesn't win, Romney is a pretty good choice. more

    posted by Edward on Dec 10, 2011 ▪ tweet now!share on facebook!
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    talker, talk talk - I am a talker, I think more people should learn how to talk instead of texting or tweeting, this is just my opinion. more

    posted by Jopa on Dec 10, 2011 ▪ tweet now!share on facebook!
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    Ethiopian Legal System about Child - As one can logically assume, the issue of child custody is raised when a marriage, out of which a child has been conceived or recognized by law, is dissolved by divorce. It is the situation where by a minor child is entrusted to the care of a parent who will from then on have the right to determine how the... more

    posted by vcrashed on Nov 19, 2011 ▪ tweet now!share on facebook!
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    Warehouse Stores: Deal or No Deal? - It's no secret that warehouse stores can offer compelling value. The markup over wholesale prices averages about 14%, according to Michael Clayman, editor of Warehouse Club Focus, an industry newsletter. Compare that with a 25% to 50% markup at conventional retailers, and odds are you'll find lower prices at... more

    posted by jerin on Aug 03, 2011 ▪ tweet now!share on facebook!

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