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    talker, talk talk - I am a talker, I think more people should learn how to talk instead of texting or tweeting, this is just my opinion. more

    posted by Jopa on Dec 10, 2011 ▪ tweet now!share on facebook!
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    The physics of rotation - Animations Much of the content of this site is illustrated with animations. Rather than conveying the physics with formula's and equations I'm using mathematically correct animations. I do present equations and formula's, but only later on in the articles, after laying down a good understanding. (Exception: the introductory... more

    posted by rashed on Dec 03, 2011 ▪ tweet now!share on facebook!
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    New device exposes explosive vapors - Decades after the bullets have stopped flying, wars can leave behind a lingering danger: landmines that maim civilians and render land unusable for agriculture. Minefields are a humanitarian disaster throughout the world, and now researchers in Scotland have designed a new device that could more... more

    posted by bobo on Aug 15, 2011 ▪ tweet now!share on facebook!

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